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NYC's Best Dating Coach, For Busy Professionals

Elizabeth is a master at her craft!

When I saw how she used the flirtation techniques she was teaching to get a man to practically fall over his feet in an attempt to be the first one to open the door for her, I knew I had to hire her as a coach and learn from her.

She is such a phenomenal dating coach with a top-notch program that I would highly recommend doing before you step out into the dating world.
— Michelle C., New York, NY

Are You …

  • Too busy to find love?

  • No longer excited and optimistic about dating?

  • Having trouble attracting the man of your dreams?

  • Finding yourself forgetting who you are and what your boundaries are when dating?

As NYC's best dating coach, I see you.

I understand how sometimes you feel all the good ones are taken and you're too exhausted to add another thing onto your to-do list. You've succeeded in business yet, you've forgotten to put yourself and your needs first.

My clients have found confidence, clarity and enjoyment with my Dare To Date Differently online course.

With DTDD, you’ll receive one on one attention in a supportive and encouraging group setting (from the privacy of your home) with engaging techniques, inspiring dating sheets, live group calls and our own private Facebook group.

I encourage you to enroll in my fun and innovative course and see how I can inspire you to dare to date differently and have fun on your dating journey.

Think about this ...
If, one year from now, things are exactly the same, will you be happy?

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