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NYC’s Best Dating Coach for Busy Professionals


Are You …

* Too busy to find love?

* Thinking you're too much or not enough?

* Worried this is too hard?

* Still hurt or forgot what it’s like to be in love?

* Just want a f-ing boyfriend already?

Finding love

As NYC's best dating coach, I see you.

I understand how it can be scary jumping back into it. Maybe, you feel all the good ones are taken, you just want to be at that comfortable stage already, you’re too busy for both a career and a love life, it’s just so exhausting or what’s the point? You’ve forgotten how to date and have fun without automatically wondering, is this the one? Maybe, you've tried it but, you ended up compromising yourself and wake up wondering what the hell happened to you and your dreams?

I know, I’ve been there. You are not alone. I’ve got you. I’ve been teaching busy professionals like you how to attract, date and create a luscious relationship on their terms.

We’re going to work on taking actionable steps to release old stories, develop your own personal dating strategy, and create your ideal dating profile. You’ll flirt and attract comfortably, text with confidence and for clarity (asking those tough questions that will give you the answers you really need) and date with pleasure and enjoyment.

My clients have learned how to attract mates full of quality, who treat them exquisitely and have discovered their playfulness and how to have fun.

With my 6 tiered approach, you’ll

  1. change your current mindset,

  2. learn engaging tools and techniques

  3. receive one on one attention with private calls

  4. support and encouragement with group calls

  5. be inspired with dating worksheets

  6. be a part of our own private Facebook group (all from the privacy of your home)

Don't you want to be in that ideal relationship NOW?

Are you ready to put that f-ing phone away, notice the abundance of gorgeous successful people out there, flirt and have them reach out to you, and finally enjoy your life?

I encourage you to enroll in my fun and innovative course and learn how to comfortably attract the one who truly gets you and have the relationship you've always desired.

Think about this ...
If, one year from now, things are exactly the same, will you be happy?

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What My Clients Are Saying -

Elizabeth is a master at her craft!

When I saw how she used the flirtation techniques she was teaching to get a man to practically fall over his feet in an attempt to be the first one to open the door for her, I knew I had to hire her as a coach and learn from her. She is such a phenomenal dating coach with a top-notch program that I would highly recommend doing before you step out into the dating world.
— Michelle C., New York, NY
Elizabeth truly cares about your experiences and wants to help.

Smart, focused, balanced...she is brave and inspirational at getting you motivated to just be you, enjoy your life and that’s what makes you an interesting date & interested in people. She is non judgemental and understanding, a great instructor and flirt coach. I recommend her if you want someone to help you navigate through a rough time and get you started back on the dating scene again.
— Maera B Toronto, CA
Dare to Date Differently


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Hi, I’m Elizabeth, your expert dating coach!

Together, we’ll bring in your juicy soulful partner quicker, easier and more pleasurable than you ever thought possible (even if you suck at dating).

We're going to develop your own personal dating strategy so you feel excited and energized about dating, so it always matches your personality and brings in really amazing dates so easy and fun that you can't wait for Friday night.

I’m here ready to help you develop your own personal dating plan and learn how to have fun in the process.

Let’s begin your dating journey so, you’ll finally have that ideal relationship you’ve always dreamed of.