What’s the BIG deal about flirting?

Do you feel comfortable flirting?

Do you feel it’s manipulative?

Do you feel that if you make someone feel good about themselves they’ll expect something in return?

Do you know how insane that sounds read outright?

Do you feel that flirting is leading someone on? Do you feel that’s a bad thing?

Can you be playful?

Can you find pleasure in making someone feel beautiful, seen, interested in?

I have so much pleasure with the men and women in our city. I enjoy offering people a reason to smile. I like being, possibly, the only person that notices and pays attention to another.

I was in Duane Reade yesterday getting a bottle of water. I thought wouldn’t it be fun to pretend I was “the girlfriend” who has her boyfriend waiting in line to check out and I’m still shopping because there’s just one more thing that I need.

I went up to a man who was standing in line with his arms full of things to be checked out. He had his earbuds in listening to music and was waiting patiently for his turn. I tossed my bottle of water on top of his things in his arms and said playfully, “OK honey, that’s the last thing.”

He looked at the bottle of water he was now holding and then up at me and started cracking up laughing. I slowly removed the bottle smiling while he continued to laugh and I went back to the end of the line.

if he was interested, he could’ve said something. I gathered that he was probably in a relationship, not straight, and/or not interested but, that was beside the point. The point that I was making for myself is that it’s OK to be playful, it’s OK to have fun and it’s OK to flirt without it meaning anything… At all.

When’s the last time you were playful, flirty, and desired to have fun. That’s what dating is all about. Hell, that’s what living is all about.

Post your comments below if you recall a time when you were your bad ass flirty self.

Elizabeth TritschComment