Want to open your heart to love?

What’s something you could do that will decrease stress and tension, increase creativity and open your heart to receive the abundance of quality people out there?

Meditation There are several ways to meditate.

*Meditate speaking your gratitudes.

*Meditate with an intention in mind that you speak out loud.

*Meditate to clear your mind.

Personally, I choose all 3. For me, after I speak my gratitudes, my intention for the day and take some quiet time to clear my mind, I’m more receptive to new experiences, new encounters, and am able to openly welcome men into my life.

Whatever you decide, what’s important is that you set aside some time alone to be with you. It’s a wonderful way to get to know yourself and to enjoy the stillness and the quietness. Get out your journal and write down how you feel, afterwards. Writing down your gratitude’s, your intention for the day, and any thoughts you feel is a proven way to expansion in love, imagination and relaxation.

Taking just 5 to 10 minutes to do this exercise will allow you to open up to receive the abundance that’s out there and at our fingertips. You’ll be surprised at how doors will begin to open to you, things will shift and incredible people will be brought into your life in unexpected ways.

Elizabeth TritschComment