Get the F#&# Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

This relates to all the single people who stay home eating dinner in front of the TV every night of the week.

You tell me you want a partner, you tell me want to be in a relationship but, you’re not willing to put yourself out there.

You’re not willing to go out after work and enjoy a cup of coffee or a drink by yourself.

You’re fearful of having dinner either at a table or at the bar.

You walk around with your phone in your face and don’t even notice all of the desirable single people that you pass on a daily basis.

If you really desire a relationship, you’ve got to leave your comfort zone. Prince and Princess Charming are not going to ring your doorbell and say, “Hey, I’m the person you’ve been waiting for”.

Get out there, and talk to people.

I know it can be tough, I’ve been there. And, I’ve learned how to attract, date and create ideal relationships that serve me. Reach out to me.

Ask yourself, If you’re in the same place you are a year from now, will you be happy?

Elizabeth TritschComment