Details are key...

When posting a profile on a dating app, it’s all about the details. Everyone enjoys walks on the beach, fine dining and loves to laugh.

Stop being generic, you are your own brand.

Show the real you by describing more about yourself. It’s about being authentically real, vulnerable and transparent.

If you really do enjoy walks on the beach, be specific and describe why and how it makes you feel and what your favorite beaches are to walk on. And, do you enjoy working alone or with someone else or a group of people?

If your thing is fine dining, what’s your favorite type of food and favorite restaurants? Are you vegan, gluten free, omnivore, or have allergies?

Let’s get to the meat of why you enjoy the things you do and why that makes you special.

Describe what sets you apart from everyone else.

What’s your differential edge?

Don’t be afraid to reveal the true you. That, is where you’re going to find more of the people who get you.

Also, it’s not about casting a big net. You’ll end up wasting your time and energy. This could be the one time it’s not a numbers game.

Cast a very small specific net because the goal is to get that special someone who is your ideal match and who gets you.

Elizabeth TritschComment