About Me


Elizabeth Tritsch

NYC’s Best Dating Coach

When I was a newly single woman after my 13 year marriage ended, I was terrified about dating (both online and in person). Using courage, wisdom, desire and a sense of playfulness, I discovered dating can be fun and I learned how to attract quality men into my life.

Three months after my divorce, I met a man who fell madly in love with me and I embraced an exciting new relationship.

Now, I want to help you find that someone special.

I’d like to get you from where you are to where you desire to be and inspire you to date great and create a loving supportive relationship with the person of your dreams.

B Yourself can assist you in becoming confident in your dating ability, gain clarity in your relationship needs, attract and maintain interest while always being true to yourself and your desires.

I’m here ready to help you develop your own personal dating plan and learn how to have fun in the process.

Let’s begin your dating journey so, you’ll finally have that ideal relationship.